When building your very own luxury home, having a company that offers comprehensive construction management services can provide invaluable solutions and insight other companies don’t have. To this end, Pioneer Group offers services that cover every type of home building need. But to provide you with some additional information as to what it means for you, we’ve collected some information for you below.

Here are a few of our construction management services and how they can benefit your luxury home building project. 

Communication Solutions

There can be quite a few involved in a luxury home building project, everyone from the architect creating the plans to the varying construction contractors needed to build the home. On any given day, the team you hire may be communicating with plumbers, city officials and material supply companies to ensure construction goes smoothly.

Permitting & Paperwork

Once you, the architect and builder have agreed on the logistics of a building project, there’s some paperwork to do. This includes appeals to your local government for permits and permissions, as well as putting out competitive bids for contracting companies. Having a seasoned expert perform such duties will make the process much more efficient, especially since it will all be done under one umbrella.

Supply Purchase & Delivery

One way to ensure your project adheres to the timeline that’s been designated for completion is by making certain there are no hold ups with material supply companies. Fortunately, a comprehensive construction firm will have existing relationships with the leading suppliers and be able to purchase materials at cost and ensure proper delivery.

Project & Building Management

Hiring a construction management service for your building project is much the same as enlisting the services of a general contractor. This means if there’s work being done, someone will be a point of contact on the premises to solve problems and protect your interests.

Pioneer Group offers exhaustive construction management solutions!

Have you decided it’s time to work with an architectural and building firm that can cover your project from one end to the other? Call our team today to learn more about how Pioneer Group can make your luxury dream home a reality.